Prisma-championship - The International competitions
in the Art of the teeth restoration
Competition is based in 1994.
The idea and the project of clinical competitions of Prisma-championship belong to Serhiy Radlinsky.
Purposes the Prisma-championship
  • Working-off of elements of quality assurance
  • Examples to patients for a choice of the dentist
  • Examples to dentists for calibration
  • Monitoring of restoration skill for teachers and organizers
  • Advancement of restoration materials and technologies
  • Promotion talented dentists
  • Rendering of the dental help to concrete patients
  • Improvement of image of dentistry in a society
Symbols of the Prisma-Championship
"Toothy Violoncello" is an Art symbol in Dentistry, the author of the idea and the emblem is Oleg Perepelytsia. Embodiment of "Toothy Violoncello" in ceramics is due to Volodymyr Belous.
The emblem of Prisma-Championship is "Teeth in arm-wrestling" and belongs to Oleg Perepelytsia. This emblem is very popular because it seems that the teeth are friends, though, indeed they are in competition.
The logo of Prisma-Championship was borrowed at the beginning of 1990 from the title of the composite Prisma APH as the main restorative material of Dentsply. The restorations were made with Prisma APH at the competitions.
If you wish to take part in competition - look site section "Holding rules".
In section "Stages of Prisma-championship" the competition geography is displayed - the countries both the dental centers a quarter - and the semifinal competitions which winners will represent dentistry of the countries on the International Final.

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